Christmas Milk was Highlighted by USA Today at the NASFT Fancy Food Show!

Courtesy of USA Today

Not quite a trend, but heartwarming, was Christmas Milk, an ultra-pasteurized eggnog available seasonally. It got its name when Heidi and Shane Fausel of Frisco, Texas, adopted their son. He'd been in foster care before he came to them, and as Christmas approached he kept talking about a drink he remembered having in the home of one family he'd lived with. He didn't know what it was called, only that it "tasted like Christmas." The Fausels let him try every drink they could think of, but none of it was what he remembered.

Then Shane brought home eggnog. The boy took a drink and said, "That's it! It's Christmas Milk."

The Fausels decided to create a company around Christmas Milk, which they launched in 2011. A percentage of all sales goes to agencies that help children in state care programs find families to adopt them.