About Us

It all started when I was laid off from my job, of nearly nine years, in early 2009. I was devastated, though not surprised; nothing was certain anymore with the economic climate the way it was. My job had been “my life”. I had put everything second to it. So now what? My husband and I had a new 9 year old son we had adopted, from Texas, just a few months prior. I realized I hardly knew him (this was a sad realization on my part to say the least). So the first step was to get to know him.

It was during this “get to know you” phase that the discussion of Christmas Milk returned. The story surrounding Christmas Milk was true and it had taken place the previous Christmas. It’s a wonderful story and every time I would tell it, people would smile. That’s when we decided to take our story and turn it into something that would help other children.

With both my husband, and son’s help, we launched Christmas Milk, The Elves’ Favorite Drink. We wanted the brand to be something fun and unique to the market – being that the story was unique in itself. We went with Red and Purple (my favorite color) for our colors and created a logo that would be easily identified and a name both children and adults would easily remember and be synonymous with giving – after all, Christmas is the season of giving!

The result.

Christmas Milk brought my family together. For our son, it was watching a dream become reality, an important lesson for him to never give up on his dreams. We’d like to thank all of you who believe in our dream and to show our appreciation; a portion of all sales will go towards agencies that help match those children in foster care to a new forever home.

Happy Christmas!