A True Christmas Story.

Every Christmas tens of thousands of children wait. They wait for neither Santa nor presents; they wait for a forever family. This is the story of how, one Christmas, a child received his forever family and was adopted. What took place after was an unexpected discovery of another wish that would come true…

As the family’s first Christmas approached, the little boy was excited about a drink he once had and kept asking his new family if they would be able to find it. He did not know the name, nor could he describe it – all he could say is “it tastes like Christmas”. His forever family let him try juices, sports drinks, anything they could think of, but were never able to find the drink he longed to taste again.

Then it happened. The little boy’s Mom and Dad gave him a glass of Eggnog. The boy took a sip and jumped up! “That’s it!” the boy exclaimed. “That is the drink I have been talking about! It’s Christmas Milk!!”

Never give up hope of finding whatever it is you wish for – no matter how big or small.

Happy Christmas!